Remaining relevant and purposeful is a choice Boomers must make every day.

At present, the tenuous status of Boomers in the workplace is particularly grueling. The stakes are especially high for those who by choice or circumstance require continuous employment. Statistically, of the 40 million Americans past the age of 50 who remain in the workforce, 22 million will be impacted by layoffs, deteriorating job conditions, diminishing pay, or marginalizing treatment by managers.

It’s a constant reminder of the strained identity-politics of aging. is, above all, an assist on the pathway toward self-determination at this seminal juncture in life. Pushing the refresh button on our professional and personal edge, rebranding personal stories to be commensurate with our experience, and promoting the benefits of a well-curated Third Act.  

In the late summer of 2020 my book, The Intentional Boomer: Keeping Relevant in the Workplace, will be released. More than a status report on the state of Boomer employment, the ways in which this generation can use their accumulated acumen, experience and wisdom to remain actively employed will be explored.

Talking with corporate HR representatives is key to the development of well-grounded solutions.

The goal of the discussions is to gain perspective on how those over 50 can show as best-in-class in today’s volatile corporate environment, potentially narrowing the chance for marginalization or the ultimate loss of a job.

Ironically, the burgeoning talent gap produced by our current full-employment market indicates a massive rehiring of the very Boomers being released from the workplace. Barron’s Magazine calls the purging of Boomers a slow-motion disaster. Especially for Boomers who need a steady income. And, here, Go2HR reviews 10 good reasons why Boomers are a continued value-add to companies.

This moment in time seems like a classic inflection point, providing a golden opportunity for companies to look past first-cost issues and creatively support the uninterrupted employment of this venerable generation of workers.

Formulating a non-confrontational approach for these discussions is key.

It’s complicated. But a premise well-worth exploring.

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