Here’s the thing about being a Boomer.

You gotta own it.

Every piece of the Boomer experience needs to be designed by and for you.

If you want your Third Act to be a watershed instead of a Waterloo, it’s got to reflect your energy, your values, and your beliefs.

That’s what makes you authentic. Which is ingredient number one if you’re designing a purposeful, soul-rewarding life.


For once, this really is all about you.

The Backdrop Against Which This is All Played

Born between the years 1946 and 1964, we mostly face the same issues.

We’re trying to do one or more of the following things:

  • Sustain ourselves in the workplace until we’re ready to retire
  • Seamlessly transition into whatever comes next
  • Live a self-determined, purposeful life once inside of our new creation

That’s a bucket full of vulnerabilities from start to finish.


I developed BoomerRising as a silo for information on what’s up front and personal to us now:

  • Remaining employed until such time we no longer want or need to work
  • Executing a solid transition from work to a purposeful traditional or hybrid retirement
  • Ensuring that relevance and authenticity remain the true north of our journey

Issues will be raised that are addressed elsewhere. But BoomerRising is less a statement of the issues and more about creative solutions.

We need to keep learning and growing. Even if we must provide the syllabus for ourselves.

It’s my hope that BoomerRising carves a relevant niche in your life.

Executing on Your Self-Determination

The world speeds by, making it easy to miss opportunities or continue to exceed our personal expectations.

Which is what we Boomers do.

We don’t tread water, lightly.

Yes, there’s work involved in staying mentally solvent, exploring options, making choices. But that’s the way through it.

You don’t want to hear yourself say any one of these four musings:

  • “I’m unable to fill my days with anything meaningful.”
  • “I feel rudderless.”
  • “Each day is a replica of the one that came before it.”
  • “My self-esteem has taken a big hit.”

Have you heard these words from friends? Pushed it into the background with the other noise? To deal with another day? Another year?

Or did you simply think, that’s not going to happen to me.

What the Website Will Offer You

Articles posted on this site will explore generational workplace issues, staying employed, the gig economy, Ageism, intellectual muscle-building for sound retirement planning, and the preservation of your bountiful authenticity.

I’ll poke fun at societal norms, benchmark the learning and growth of successful Third Act practitioners, and stretch the boundaries of what’s possible for our intrepid generation.    

Personal relevance will be celebrated.

Your own personal relevance will be amplified.

I Want to Hear From You

You can share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions at the bottom of each post.

Or you can contact me directly, here, to be in touch about coaching or website matters in a more private setting.

To keep up-to-date with our most recent information, sign up at the bottom of any page to receive a note when we’ve got something new to share.

In the meanwhile, I wish you every success as you transform your Boomer life into something that’s exactly right for the authentic you.

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