What to Expect from BoomerRising in 2020

While not particularly fond of New Year’s resolutions, I do make solid plans. So here’s what you can expect from BoomerRising during 2020.

Look for my new book, tentatively entitled The Intentional Boomer: Keeping Relevant in the Workplace, in the latter part of the year. 

Many Boomers aren’t ready or able to leave the workplace. Yet there’s a real possibility the decision will not be theirs to make. It’s become necessary for Boomers to proactively carve out an authentic, relevant place for themselves in an environment not always friendly to those over 50.

Leading up to the book’s publication, look for posts on:    

  • Building an intentional community within the workplace that can support continued, individual relevance;
  • Carving out a resilient, authentic place for yourself within that intentional community, and in the workplace, at large;
  • Regaining the high-ground being lost to younger generations as they push forward to accelerate their own careers; and,
  • Countering the impact of being marginalized in a workforce impacted by the often silent epidemic of ageism.

If you’re transitioning into, or already in, retirement, you might be experiencing an emptiness that comes from a loss of purpose. This is not uncommon when one leaves a lifetime of work behind and sees before them horizons that can last three decades or more. This separation can literally shorten one’s life.   

Over the next months, my articles on the site will hit the following critical notes on retirement:

  • How to build an intentional retirement community that comports itself to who you are today;
  • How to develop a realistic bucket list that helps you live your passions each day, rather than experiencing them in one-off segments;
  • How to think about adult friendships once you’ve left your work buddies behind; and,
  • How to view your retirement as a career and develop a well-rounded 360-degree view of yourself moving forward. 

Maintaining relevance through intentional action is paramount no matter what stage of Boomer life you currently occupy.

Read more about how I can support you in that effort. Please take a look at the tenets of my new coaching business here.

As I begin this new part of my own journey, I’m looking for three or four Boomers who’d like to take advantage of 6 complimentary coaching sessions each to start the new year off with intention. 
Write to me if interested by clicking here.

On another note, although 2019 was an exciting and productive year for me, I did lose two good friends. Take a few moments to read my latest post, Lessons Learned from An Adult Friendship: Remembering Lois. More than a remembrance, it’s a look at how we can build and maintain newer friendships with a different set of eyes.

A big thanks for your support this past year! My best to you and your family for a great 2020!



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  1. Sounds great. You are really going to help so many people who are most likely unprepared for what comes next. Your own experience is invaluable in this context. You have identified a very significant need and are well equipped to supply the path going forward. Bravo! I wish you great success with this important service.

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